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This 2 hour and 30 minute course is recommended for anyone that is looking to get into Disc Golf coaching. It’s also great for players that are interested in the background and history of the sport and would like to pick up new pointers for improving their skills in the game. 

The course runs through some key areas of disc golf - it’s history, the basics, the rules, the required equipment, the unique terminologies, the learning and teaching techniques for students and coaches, the methods for playing - among other things. Section by section, these topics are covered in-depth videos, with a general summary provided at the end of each chapter for quick scanning.

You will taken through 8 modules.  Module 2 ‘Learn the Lingo’ will be found at the end.  This module is optional. 

Why join the course?

There is a lot to learn about the game of disc golf - even for professionals. First of all, understanding the background and the process of development of the game feeds into the passion for the sport, and this is something that coaches especially will want to take advantage of when working with players.

Additionally, there are coaching approaches with relevant, effective insights that can help to take training and overall player development to the next level. Apart from all the physical pointers that are provided to make better disc golf players, intricate details such as the mental and psychosocial aspects of coaching and playing available in this course contribute to providing extra leverage over the competition.

What topics will you cover?

The history of disc golf and the basics of the sport is discussed in the first module. Module 2 takes a look at disc golf “jargon” - language that you need to be familiar with as they are used very often in the sport. Module 3 contains a review of the rules of the game. The rules cover a wide range of sub-topics, such as rules for the types of discs that are allowed, artificial devices used, courtesy, the order of play, and practice throws. 

Module 4 focuses on information about the equipment required to play the game. The most important piece of equipment is the disc itself and we discuss the strengths and weaknesses of these. The chapter will also discuss flight numbers and what they mean in disc golf -in-depth. There is a flight rating system that is used to describe the intended flight of any disc in the sport, making each disc unique in its way. 

Module 5 discusses the execution of various types of throws and the pros and cons of these techniques. 

The rest of the guide covers adopting the right approach to coaching disc golf, and we also take a look at the practice of delivering an effective training session as a coach.

What will you achieve?

Following the course, you will receive a certificate confirming that you have completed the “The Disc Golf” course. 

Coaches who have completed this course will be armed with a plethora of coaching techniques, including ways to make sure that the coach-player relationship is a genuine learning process and not an overly authoritative one. Players who engage with this course will also have a lot to learn about the history of the game and many skill acquisition techniques to take their game to the next level.

Who is the course for?

The course is primarily aimed at disc golf coaches - including people that are already in the job and people that are looking to go into it. However, a large part of the information available here is very useful for players too. With the right motivation, they can apply much of the techniques discussed here on their own and still see marked improvements in their skill levels.

TutorMark Oxer
Duration2 hours 30 minutes
SportDisc Golf