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This is a 3-hour course. It comprises six easy-to-follow videos that take you through a range of topics related to excellence in soccer coaching. Each section or video is followed a short 10-question quiz to test your understanding of the material that has been covered.

As part of this course you will recieve: 

  • Using Play in Your Practice - 100 Small Sided Games 

Why join the course?

This is a course that is designed for those coaches who wish to elevate their professional practice so that it is excellent and exceptional. The course adapts classical coaching theory in order to make it relevant to the soccer game. The designers of this course have gleaned insights from a range of disciplines including psychology, sociology, sports science, and biology. By joining this course, you will be improving your own coaching competencies and understanding of soccer.

What topics will you cover?

The course is arranged under the following thematic areas:

VIDEO 1: Underlying Principles of Soccer Learning

PRINCIPLE 1: “The thing itself”           
PRINCIPLE 2: “The SAID Principle”      
PRINCIPLE 3: Specificity         
PRINCIPLE 4: Transfer             
PRINCIPLE 5: Loading and Overload
VIDEO 2: Using 'Constraints' in Your Youth Soccer Practice   

Example of the Manchester United 4 v 4 Pilot Scheme
Selected and constrained 4v4 games               
Conceptualization of constraints        
Individual characteristics as constraints          
The environment as a constraint        
Constraints related to a specific task or set of tasks    
Using constraints to solve problems
VIDEO 3: Nurturing Creativity            

The Wallas Stage Model of creativity
Creativity and the Human Brain         
The Universality of Creativity               
Setting the Stage for Creativity in Soccer        
VIDEO 4: Optimal Learning Environment      

What is a learning environment?
How to design a learning environment when coaching soccer?
The 7Cs of Learning in the 21st Century
VIDEO 5: Habits of Great Coaches    

What are the qualities of great coaches?
Ten habits of highly effective coaches             
How to cultivate good habits of coaching?
Using Socratic questioning as a great coach
VIDEO 6: Designing Your Sessions    

Teaching versus learning in your coaching sessions
Establishing the priorities of the soccer coaching session         
The structure of an effective coaching session

What will you achieve?

After attending this course, you will achieve the following:

You will get a certificate confirming your competencies
You will improve your knowledge about the latest soccer coaching techniques
You will get insights into your role as a coach, parent, trainer, and supporter
You will learn more about soccer generally

Who is the course for?

You should consider this course if:

You are new to coaching and want to learn more about professional practice
You already a good coach, but want to improve your professional practice
You have been given an opportunity to coach elite athletes and wish to support them well
You are already an established coach, but wish to update your competencies
You are studying soccer coaching and wish to identify areas of further research
You are generally interested in soccer coaching
You are a soccer parent wishing support your child and other soccer players
You are a trainer or other member of staff that wishes to improve their knowledge about the game

TutorDarren Laver
Duration2 hours 30 minutes