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Underlying Principles of Youth Soccer Learning approaches youth soccer development from an applied sport science perspective.  As such, it provides invaluable insight and underpinning that can greatly assist you with your coaching practice.  This course will introduce the 'why' of soccer training, touching on key principles such as specificity, overload, transfer and other concepts as they relate to soccer training decision making.

Why join the course?

The course will greatly improve your ability to analyse the requirements of soccer and then design highly effective training practices and SSGs using a constraints-led approach.

What topics will you cover?

The course begins with a youth training example at a English Premier League club and uses it to introduce the concept of 'constraints'.  Next, the three types of constraints, namely organism (individual), task and environment are defined and explained.  Plenty of examples are provided which can easily be incorporated into your team's training program.

What will you achieve?

Knowing and appreciating fully the concepts outlined in the course will improve your confidence and challenge you to think of youth soccer development in different ways.  Each course attendee will receive an attendance certificate

Who is the course for?

Any youth soccer coach who is unfamiliar with sport science.  Beginners, intermediates and expert coaches can all gain something from this important discussion.  

TutorRick Fenoglio
Duration40 minutes